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I have been entertaining people as a Mobile DJ/Master of Ceremonies since 2006, but it was once I did my first wedding in 2010 and because I’m a hopeless romantic I was INSTANTLY hooked. My first 150 weddings were great but still your average cookie-cutter weddings. In 2015 I began asking myself if there was more I could be doing for my couples on the biggest day of their life. That question and the answer to it changed EVERYTHING and the growth and evolution began. Now, I specialize in creating completely unforgettable one-off wedding days that leave my couples and their guests STUNNED. I have had the honor of entertaining 330+ weddings spanning from Wisconsin to Georgia and I can’t WAIT to add you to the F.M. Entertainment family!

Over the years F.M. Entertainment has come to be centered around four core principles:

1. It's all about #LOVE.

Let’s face it, your wedding is a once in a lifetime event and it deserves to be treated as such. While things like decor, photography, food and yes, even music and lights are all great to have, NONE of these things is what your big day is all about. Your wedding is simply about LOVE. Not just the love you share for your soon to be husband/wife, but also the love that your family and friends bring with them to share with you. Now imagine that your Master of Ceremonies understands how important that is and is able to use their training to CREATE an atmosphere and beautiful and emotional moments at your wedding. Better bring the Kleenex. 

2. Breaking the mold.

Many of my couples come to me initially thinking that they have to do things a certain way because that’s the way they’ve seen them done at the other weddings they’ve been to. That’s the problem-you want your day to be UNIQUE! At F.M. Entertainment, we work passionately to put YOUR fingerprints on every page of your wedding to tell YOUR story. We encourage all our couples to think outside the box in order to allow themselves to utilize our experience to create a truly original timeline that will leave your guests and loved ones talking about your wedding for YEARS to come.

3. Quality over quantity.

So often, we hear other DJs bragging about how many events they can fit into a single weekend and while that may be ok with them, it’s not acceptable for F.M. Entertainment. We actually prefer to only take one wedding/event per weekend. This allows us to hyper-focus on your day and give our very best performance for you and your guests. No one wants their entertainment to be running on fumes when they show up for their big day because their first couple that weekend got the DJs best effort. That won’t happen with F.M. Entertainment.

4. Small moments - Big memories.

This is possibly one of the biggest driving factors for F.M. entertainment. Over the course of our planning We will get to know you on a personal level. We learn about you, your hobbies, your families, friends and wedding party. Doing so allows us to find opportunities to do things for you that you would NEVER expect could be done at a wedding. It allows to create moments so special that they become PRICELESS. I’m not talking about music. That’s easy. Anyone can look up the billboard charts. I’m talking about long lasting, powerful moments that will blow EVERYONE’S minds on the biggest day of your life.

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